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Welcome to WordPress. The purpose of the information presented here is to enhance and enlighten.

Seek, seek, seek,.. you might find the truth; you might find a lie, but something is going to be standing by. If you know what’s back, you’ll know what’s up, and if you know what’s up, you’ll be able to take what’s going down.  Roland Kirk

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A Better Who?

A Better Who? page 2


The Highwayman

God or The Universal Sub-conscious Mind



Natchez Standard Fine Art

Forward Movement  2-1-2019

NOLA  2-7-2019

  • NOLA (updated 2-10-2019)
  • Adventures in Paradise
  • Just Plain Ole Great Music! (2-2-2019 updated 2-10-2019)
  • Letters (2-10-2019)
  • The Hype (2-12-2019)
  • Fine Art (Lion and Mamba)
  • Look At You Fooling You  3-2-2019
  • Elements of Orwellian Reality and Beyond
  • Just Plain Ole Great Music! II 3-13-2019

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