Elements of Orwellian Reality and Beyond

Topics to be covered; the spectrum of melancholy; welcomed light of dawn; surveying the landscape; ups, downs, curves, and straight ways.

The sun is shinning, the warmth of spring is returning, and today like any day, is a good day to spread stuff. No need to define ‘stuff.’

Stuff is not necessarily vulgar, it’s just information. I don’t use the ‘Grammarly’ app. for reasons. There are things, stuff, that I will not write on this blog. I have written stuff at other wed sites that I will not write on this site. Reasons. I am not paranoid, and I don’t have the fear that might be a factor in paranoia. One of the tools that manipulators use to discredit true, factual statements made by someone who they oppose, is to tag the person as paranoid.

Understand that what you read on this blog, can be verified. If I have made a mistake, or written something that you think is incorrect, you the reader have the power to check the correctness of the information.

Side note. I don’t buy and probably never will buy an electronic book. Just as I can change an alphabet, or word, or phrase, or sentence, or number, etc., I think the same can be done to an electronic book. I like print on paper.

A week or two from today, I will be busy doing other things. I have spent leisure time writing on my blog due, partly , to the weather.

I worked at 1010 Wilshire Blvd., in Los Angeles. The cafeteria was on the 3rd or 4th floor and the law department was on the 15th floor. This is all I will say about this address. I lived in the building located at the corner of First Street and Brendo. I used to walk thru MacArthur Park, sometimes going down S Park View Street. There is a building of beautiful architecture with the adornment , “All Things What So Ever Ye Would That Men Should Do To You Do Ye Even So To Them”, located at 607 S. Park View. Google this address and pan upwards over the front entrance and see this inspiring adornment. When you see it, think of what effect it has on you. It might not have any effect. It might have. I would continue down 6th Street past Lafayette Park where I sometimes saw El Salvadorians playing soccer or just resting and socializing. Some of them and myself stayed in the same building.

One of the places I would have preferred staying is located on the corner of Rampart and Wilshire. It’s a white apartment building whose entrance has lions atop columns.

A person can be tracked and monitored 27/7 in today’s world, if the powers that be want to do so for what ever reason. Users of electronic devices connected to the internet or phone services can be located within feet of where they are, in real time, in certain locations like cities. A friend of mine told me years ago about the capability and the advanced sophistication of electronic devices. Later I discovered that one of the same devices (in particular) , was being sold to the public. Which means, even more advanced devices were in service. Looking back, those devices are obsolete.

When I was a boy, from the age of 9, a friend and I would go to the Museum of Science and Industry. I remember a glass enclosed exhibit that showed a stick pin. There was a fixed microscope that you could look into. It was focused on the head (top) of the stick pin. On the top was grid like a tic-tac-toe with clearly printed numbers from 1- 9. A few years ago I read an article about a company in Switzerland, creating micro chips in nano measurements. An example was presented showing how technology can manipulate and arrange individual atoms to write words. These are just a few examples toward the miniaturization of sensors and tracking devices.

Agents of the government and private contractors use the advanced technology of today to manipulate, influence, and have a direct effect on the lives of people. They have the power to subtly interfere in people’s lives. I went to get a flu shot at a local Walgreens that has an Advocate Clinic. The nurse gave me a printout after I received the flu shot. On the print-out it states that I have hemorrhoids. This is a god-damn lie. I don’t have hemorriods. I came home and looked at my anus with a mirror. It is smooth, normal, and if I have to say so myself, pretty. This is an example of how people can use technology and  information to intentionally cause problems.   I called Advocate and told the representative about the mis-information on my medical print-out and she sent a message to my doctor’s office.  I received a  call from Advocate within that hour and the woman told me more than once that there is no mention of hemorriods on my  medical records.

I presently have a Pinay girlfriend. I had taken her to the same Advocate clinic to get tested for TB which was her job requirement.

I do know that there are some black women who don’t like the fact that my girlfriend is Pinay, even though her skin tone is almost exactly like mine. People and their screwed up biases.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Today, there are degenerate creeps who routinely interfere in the lives and endeavors of private citizens. During times of leisure, especially during the winter months, I, like many people visit live, real time, adult web sites. I have absolutely no shame in telling anyone that I like looking at and watching pretty, naked women. I don’t search out teens, but if some are on the adult web site, I’ll take a look. By the way, do you realize that a century ago and before, it was common and accepted for girls to be married and have babies before their 15th birthday.

I do understand today’s laws pertaining to age criterion for sexual behavior. Developmental psychology supports the age requirement laws in general. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

“Onward, you huskies!” So, as I was saying, I visit rooms on adult web sites. About 4 or 5 years ago, I was visiting the room of a model located Romania. She was in her mid thirties. Straight, black hair, nice body, and attractive face. Her skin color was genetically, light brown. Her skin color was not because of a sun tan. I looked at her photos on her profile. Very nice. I tipped her from time to time. Once I sent her a message saying that she reminded me of the song, “Gypsy Woman” written by Curtis Mayfield. She could speak English, but I could tell by what she said, that she did not know the song. Seconds later, some cyber creep had the song, “Gypsy Woman” playing in the background on my computer. I call the asshole a creep because my business is none of his business. I didn’t mind his/her contribution in this case, of playing the song, but there have been other times when these cyber creeps have been a pure annoyance,………….with their sorry asses.

Personally, twenty five and above is safe for me. I don’t visit nude dance clubs, otherwise known as “gentlemen” clubs. I have in the past. I understand the age requirement for the dancers is 18 years old. Any man who pays to watch an 18 year old woman dance nude, is completely within his right to date that dancer if she wants to do so. Keep that envious, hypocritical bullshit (about how old the man is and how young the woman is) to yourself. My sentiment is the same for dating in general. As long as I am not breaking the law and there is consent between she and me, my business ain’t none of your god-damn business.

I will never accept any bullshit about some cyber freak looking out for my best interest when I know that they aren’t.

To the men; I don’t make fun of the size any man’s family jewels. I am not nor have I ever been a “dick gazer.” Anyone tracking my movement on the internet over the years, knows this fact.

To the women; I can skillfully negotiate all of the valleys like a master of the Tao. It is what it is. The nonsense about being able to tell a man’s size based on how big his feet are, etc., is in general, unsubstantiated. Any woman who has ever been with me knows what I’m packing and I wear only a size 9 shoe.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anyone who have read the pages on my blog, should know that I’m no fool. A person’s opinion can sometimes create foes. There are envious, jealous, deficient, biased people in responsible positions of government. I have personally talked to police officers; black, white, and Hispanic who I would consider genuinely, nice guys. Then, there are the creeps. The degenerates who get a nut out of causing problems.

There are degenerates who use law enforcement credentials to plant and give validity to lies and mis-information.

When you enter an adult chat room web site, it tells you that the site is being monitored by law enforcement. Law enforcement individuals at times, actual send messages to models screens instructing them what to say and do.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Surveying the landscape is like a maiden voyage. Fresh, new, sights and sounds and aromas and fragrances and tastes. Yes, I know about commas and punctuation. One can revisit their life’s timeline and choose a point of departure down memory lane. One of the many, many,man-, ma–, m—,………. blessings of technology is Google maps. I take mini trips and vacations using Google maps. I visit places where I have been and places I will never have the opportunity to visit in my life time.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I once saw John Mellencamp interviewed on a television talk show about 2 or 3 years ago. I like him. I have always liked his song, “I Was Born In A Small Town.” Personally, I have beautiful childhood memories of the small town that I was born in and live in, until a few weeks after my ninth birthday. I looked and listened to ‘Small Town’ on Youtube before I began writing today. Thank you John Mellencamp.

I listened to Bob Seger, in years past, on the radio. A few years ago, I decided to buy his greatest hits CD because it included a few of my favorite songs. One of which is, “You’re Still The Same.” Since, that time, I have bought two more copies of the same CD because I like to have it available at different places. For anyone unfamiliar with Bob Seger, check out his “greatest hits” CD, and you will find something that you like, guaranteed.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I have stated that I like to use book dictionaries, and I use one when I write. I am a terrible speller. I remember years ago, I was trying to find the word, “wrestle” in the dictionary. I kept looking in the “r” section to the point of mild frustration before I realized that it begins with a “w.”

Internet dictionaries are better because they are more up to date.

Meta-cognition is not in my book dictionary. You can google it. Metacognition is defined as an “awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes. ” Anyone (and every one should) seeking balance and direction in their life, should take time to understand what metacognition is and how it can be used to improve your life. I have heard someone say that they just didn’t like a person, and couldn’t give a valid reason for the dislike. When something is unsavory, a person who applies metacognition will know the reason for the “dislike.” ………………and in the cases of “like,” the reason/s are also known.

Metacognition The more a person applies metacognition to their life’s decisions, chances are, the outcomes of the decisions will be better. Why did I decide to put metacognition in bold print after I had written preceding sentences about it? Why didn’t I put it in bold print at the beginning when I first wrote it? Simple. I want you to read it again.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’ve got to have it.” If in time, the person was unable to get the “it” of their desire, he or she eventually realizes that the, “I’ve got to have it” was a mental mirage. Now understand that “it” can be a person, place, or thing. When you apply metacognition, you understand that you don’t really have to have it. You will probably still want and desire “it“, but you realize that the wind in your sails will continue your adventure even if you don’t get “it.”

I have never owned a new car in my life. I like style and I like cars. The cars that I have owned includes a Camaro, Jaguars, Cadillacs, Toyotas, Hondas, a Mercedes, and recently I acquired a 1978, 25th Anniversary Edition Corvette. I can’t recall anything in life that would lead me to the thought of, “I’ve got to have it.” When I lived in Denver, I visited a vintage auto shop/dealer and viewed some of the long hooded, XK 140 and XK 150 Jaguars. I really wanted and desired one of those Jaguars. I now have a 1956, XK 140 Jaguar in my garage. The thought never entered my mind, that I had to have it. I never thought that I would eventually own one.

There are so many beautiful cars that I would like to drive, but metacognition, gives me peace of mind when I realize that I can’t and will never drive those beautiful cars.

A family member owned a Porsche SUV and was telling a friend that he was thinking about buying a Rolls Royce. The same family member had once complained about how much gas the Porsche used ( and he was thinking about buying a RR?). This family member probably never heard of metacognition and I never mentioned it to him. His ego and his mind set about many things material caused him to have a mild, perpetual case of being stuck on stupid. My family member had worked hard, had money, and could buy; but his motivation was having the RR as a status symbol. My motivation in buying cars have always been about the style of my desire.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

“Love me or fool me ’till I die.” I heard these words spoken by a friend and fellow construction worker, one morning when I was 20 years old. We were sitting at the counter of a little restaurant eating breakfast, when outside, we saw an old guy drop off a nice looking, much younger woman who worked as a waitress at the restaurant. Before getting out of the car, the woman leaned over and kissed the old guy on the cheek or mouth. That was when I heard my friend’s comment. That was my first and only time eating there and I did not know and never knew the woman.

I don’t know what the relationship was between the old guy and waitress. I don’t think my friend knew. “Love me or fool me ’till I die,” is my point of departure for the following story. The statement can be taken in different directions. Is it the thought that, the young, good looking waitress is fooling the old guy?……..or is it a thought of the observer, that the reality is that the waitress is presenting a facade of love and fooling the old guy?……….or is the statement an accurate assessment of the old guy’s conscious or sub-conscious acceptance of his relationship with the young, good looking waitress?………….to be continued.

When the story is told and ended, it could well be that the statement, “Love me, or fool me till I die.”( in the case of this couple) is null and void.



“Why?……..oh why,…….oh tell me why, ain’t there something that money can’t buy?”


The movie, “Luna,” and the first sign of affection.

La luna (original title) … Bernardo Bertolucci and Jill Clayburgh in Luna (1979) ……………..to anyone who like movies that cause you to think. When you watch Luna, ask yourself, “What is the first sign of real affection in Luna?” If after watching the movie, you are still wondering, you can wait for the answer when I resume my writing at some time in the future. You can also e-mail me with your question.

” Splendor in the Grass” with Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood >>>>>>>>>>>>>I saw the black and white original a few years ago. I think it was on the Turner Classic Movies channel or Through the Decades television series…………to be continued>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>yellow cake

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