Fine Art

Conflict of the Lion and the Mamba
Bronze Sculpture
L11″ x H9″ x w8″

Artists look, observe, think, experiment, borrow, steal, conceal, build, feel, yield, spill, bill, heal, deal, till, will, and create. My wires got crossed between the beginning and ending of the preceding sentence, but the content is still good. I started to write along one thought, and then changed gears and hit the rhyming flow. Those are indeed some of the things that artists do when we create from our own perspective. I said create, not duplicate.

Everything Must Change…………………James Ingram yt

I once saw a pencil drawing of a nude woman in a sitting position with her legs crossed. Only her breasts were exposed. That pencil drawing on a sheet of typing paper showed me something about the shape and form of the female body that I had always loved but had never taken time to name and pinpoint. I am not talking about nipples or any one specific place on the female body, I am referring to shape and form. Some learned observers and artists know what I am talking about. Psychologists and researches know what I am talking about. You, the reader might know what I am talking about. Chances are, someone who is reading this will not know exactly what it is that I am talking about in reference to the drawing. You are the seeker. Seek, study, and learn. Think. Don’t subject your mind to the expense of laziness where you come to rely on others to spoon feed you information. The expense of laziness is costly and you pay for it with the most valuable thing that you have, which is………………time.


I used photographs to create my first paintings. The painting were almost exact in shape and form. I used a ruler and yard stick to increase the scale. On some, the color scheme was approximately the same as the photo. On others, the color scheme was uniquely my own. I kept the photos to let people see the paintings compared to the actual photos. Do you think that all of the presidents of the last 100 years actually sat for hours, for the artists to do their official, commissioned paintings? Photographs.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I have paintings that I will not post on the internet. I know that other artists have already used some of my ideas and paintings for their own purposes, just as I have done, once. Only once, have I copied another artist’s painting. That copied painting was suggested to me my someone who was not an artist. It’s all in the game of art. I once told a friend that I intend to put so much detail into some of my paintings, till any artist who decides to copy, will have work to do. And……… Once the artist copies my painting, he or she will have a copy to sell, not the original created by the originator, which is where the real value lies.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I have never heard anyone express this thought, but in my mind and expressed vocally, “I have seen a whole lotta’ fine women. But a woman is not truly fine until she’s mine.” This thought is not unique to me. Think about it. You know what I’m saying. What ever gender that you are, and who ever you think is fine, that person is not truly fine to you, until you have intimately experienced their fineness. This is not a put-down. This understanding of fine, does not take away, reduce, or diminish any quality of the definition of fine. When I say something or someone is fine, I mean it. Quite naturally, the statement does not mean that I have or intend to discover the ultimate fineness.


Fine art, …….it is what it is,…… and everything is relative, especially in the world of art. >>>>>>>>>>>>to be continued

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