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Natchez Standard Fine Art is a page or pages dedicated to show a few examples of art created by J.R. Sylvannahson ,  and Chassappi Rain.

R. J. Sylvannahson

R.J. Sylvannahson was born in a little southern town that Ulysses S. Grant said was “too beautiful to burn.”

It goes without saying that beauty is everywhere.  You only have to open your eyes and mind to find it.  Each of us find beauty that is special to us as we experience the world and life from our own individual perspective.

I, R.J. Sylvannahson, have always been a lover of beauty…. ……. the sights, the sounds, the smells, and the other beautiful things that bring light even in dark times.

Natchez Standard will be presenting some of my paintings which include “Fisherman of the Palms”,  “Maiden Beneath the Magnolia Tree”,  “Banana Girl in Heels”, and “Egrets and Blossoms.”  All are original oil on canvas.

Chassappi Rain

Chassappi Rain is an American artist born less than 40 miles from Emerald Mound, the sacred site of the native Natchez.  Blood lines include Scottish, African, and his maternal great grand parents were full blood Native Americans.

His style is varied.  The early paintings were renditions of realistic vistas and female body forms.  Later, ideas of fantasy and abstract became the focus of some of his paintings.  “She”, and “Tse Kis She” are of his early group of oil on canvas paintings completed over 2 decades ago.

Oil on canvas is Chassappi’s preferred medium, but because of the expanded visual effects, acrylics are also desired.  A combination of acrylic and oil on canvas is sometimes used.          Below,  Lion and Mamba    The lion’s sweeping paw has already made contact with the mamba, but can it prevent the mamba’s bite?!60619!US!-1

  The Fine Art page has larger images.

“Tse Kis She”

36 in. original oil on canvas

36 in.  x  48 in.  original oil on canvas

Prints of paintings presented on this page can be purchased at Fine Art America.                                                                                                

Interested parties can submit bids on original art work by e-mail.